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Van Hall Arbeidsrecht

Van Hall Arbeidsrecht, a Netherlands-based firm specializing in employment law, prioritizes achieving tangible results for clients. Known for thinking ‘outside the box’ if necessary, the team suggest effective alternative strategies that truly work in the client’s interest and often exceed their expectations.

Clients are national and international medium-sized and large businesses and organisations, many of whom the firm has been advising for years. The firm has a proven track record and long-standing relationships with these clients. Van Hall Arbeidsrecht also extends its support to middle and high-ranking employees, especially managing directors.

To make sure clients receive the best possible assistance and support, Van Hall Arbeidsrecht invests in their team to make sure they excel in their role. The firm's ethos is respect, individual attention and a personal touch. Each team member commits to find a way to solve a problem in a creative and practical way, but legally at the highest level possible.

Van Hall Arbeidsrecht aspires to be a reliable point of contact, adopting a proactive, transparent, and critical attitude. They strive every day to make sure their clients feel they are receiving top-notch legal services.

Martijn van Hall ranks highly for his global practice and proven track record of “providing strategic advice across a variety of complex issues.” - WWL 2024

Christianne Bouma is heralded as “a leading employment lawyer specialising in restructurings and dismissals.”- WWL 2024

In an article Van Hall Arbeidsrecht reflects on whether employees are entitled to hybrid work.