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Welcome to Innangard

Innangard is an international employment law alliance which brings together leading employment law specialists from around the world to collaborate on international and cross-border employment law and HR issues. Each firm is individually recognised in their own country for their expertise in labour and employment law issues.

Together we provide Global In-house Counsel and HR Professionals with expert support and know how in HR matters wherever they need it globally. We deliver strategic, user friendly legal and tactical advice for clients on HR issues around the world.

We also advise many US and Canadian law firms on their clients’ and also their own HR issues around the world. To allow us the freedom to work with any of those US and Canadian firms, Innangard does not have a North American member. We are able to provide advice in clear, concise English, as well as in other relevant business languages. We are also a learning alliance, helping to broaden the thinking on employment law around the world.

Innangard is a non-exclusive collaboration between the member firms. Our priority is to provide the best advice and seek the best legal and commercial outcomes for our clients.

We advise on the full range of
employment law issues including